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Formulate Web Development Services

We develop websites and applications for clients using a number of tried and tested tools ensuring that we deliver robust, supportable, highly secure and cost effective results every time.

What makes us different? Software development is not an add-on at Formulate. Actually, we started life building complex web applications and Richard Smith, CEO and founder, has been building software for major corporations such as the BBC and RBS along with lots of startup projects for many years. Whilst many agencies come from a design/marketing background, development is core at Formulate.

Ruby on Rails

Where our clients need us to make something special for them, we use Rails. It’s the fastest way to build great applications that are secure, fast and adaptable which is why it’s used by companies like AirBNB,, Kickstarter and Bloomberg.

Notable recent examples of site’s we’ve developed in Rails are L’Oreal and UNESCO’s Women In Science site and the Department For Education's Future Teaching Scholars.

Why do we and our clients love it? Because we can add custom, complex features cost-effectively and quickly, ensuring the site keeps pace with business requirements - there is nothing we can’t make for you in Rails.


Clients who have lots of content and multilingual requirements see big benefits with Drupal. We love it because it allows us to make great looking sites, but critically, content can be added by administrators simply and effectively - content authoring is at the heart of Drupal.

Another big advantage of Drupal is that it’s scaleable out of the box, for larger companies with complex content delivery needs. We have built such sites for notable brands including Miller Brands and Grolsch as it fits with IT policies and the need to have a multi site architecture.


Wordpress is perfect for small sites which need to be put together quickly and marketed efficiently - The 3D Measurement Company’s website is a good example of this.

We can make Wordpress do most things and with 22% of the world's websites using it, there are lots of free tools and integrations which can be quickly implemented. What’s more, the Content Management System is easy to use for clients who are keen to continue adding content to the site in the form of news or blogs.


Although WordPress and Drupal can be adapted to cater to e-commerce needs, Magento is particularly well-suited to those of our clients who specifically require strong e-commerce capabilities.

If we build an e-commerce site using Magento, our clients know they are in the good company of the likes of Samsung, Nike and Nespresso, and it is generally the best option in most cases. The combination of its flexibility and processing speed mean that working with our Magento specialists, almost anything is possible.

Bespoke Development Services

Dependant on requirement, we often tailor many aspects of our development services to be bespoke to the client’s individual needs. Instead of using something someone has already built that simply needs designing, this requires a custom CMS to be built.

This provides the flexibility and individuality many companies require, as we firmly believe Web Development should not be approached with a one-size-fits-all attitude. New features can be built quickly and there is no need to accept the limitations of a platform chosen for you. Almost all of our development is a hybrid between a standard system and bespoke elements. It all depends on the complexity of your requirements.

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