Successful by design

We deal in ideas, not templates.

Formulate Web Design Services

At Formulate, we don’t start with a template. We will sit down with you and discuss what you want from a website. Combining our expertise with your industry knowledge, a thorough UX and UI plan process will allow for accurate KPI and conversion measurement. Using the latest web technologies and creative software, we will then build, market and support your digital presence.

Tailor Made Design

Once we’ve helped put together a thorough specification, we will draw out interactive wireframes to help you better understand the structure of the new site. From here, we will use a mixture of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Sketch to give you a visual representation of the final look and feel.

These processes allow for multiple sign-off points where we encourage continual feedback and open dialogue from the client, reducing the risk of potential time and cost for future amendments.

Responsive Web Applications

As well as building dedicated mobile apps, we build our websites as standard to respond to all devices that they are delivered on. Be it mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop or the next apple device that hits the market in five years time, you can rest assured that your customers will be delivered rich and accessible content in the most optimised format available.

Content Management Systems

Being able to change the content on your website is vital in a fast-paced business environment, and the last thing you want is a hefty bill every time you want to add a news story. A content management system allows 24/7 access to alter and add any form of digital content you see fit.

From Wordpress blogging sites to bespoke Ruby-on-Rails web-portals, Formulate have the skillset to work to all specifications, timeframes and budgets, and provide a content management system tailored to your project’s requirements and varying technical capabilities.

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