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Formulate Optimisation Services

Optimisation goes further than just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice - a standard all of our websites are built to - to include optimisation for the user and their varying browsing preferences. At Formulate, optimisation is an ongoing process, starting in the planning phases and continuing right through into the maintenance and honing stages following the launch of your site.

Human Optimisation

Our usability specialists know what a user wants when they visit your website, and can work with you to incorporate this into what you want from the user, in order to strike a perfect balance and see conversions rise as well as search rankings.

As your site gathers more and more data, we can analyse the user behaviour of your particular target audience in order to continue honing user experience for them, until your website is fully optimised for goal conversions and user enjoyability. Without this, all the SEO practices we implement on our sites would not be given the chance to have maximum impact and improve performance for your business.

Machine Optimisation

We refine your website using on and off-page SEO techniques which Google and other search engines are actively looking for when deciding on your website's visibility. These include technical optimisation, keyword research, link building and analysis and content marketing.

As well as this, part of the testing and optimisation process we undertake for every website involves ensuring your website is optimised on all devices across all browsers. After all, Google will now penalise sites that aren't optimised for smaller screen sizes, taking into account button size, readability and loading speed, and reward those that are.

This requires a combination of manual testing using multiple Apple and Android smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets, combined with tools like Browserstack. Having done this, your website will have the best chance of reaching and engaging all consumers effectively, regardless of which browsing preferences they may have.

A/B Testing

Whether deciding on the design and UX of your new site, or the effectiveness of the ads for your Google AdWords campaign, we employ an A/B split testing method to ensure we determine which variation is better for your specific goals, for optimum conversions.

This entails a process whereby we run two or more variations of a landing page for example, before comparing the analytics for both to see which had a lower bounce rate and higher goal conversion rate, whether your goal is simply moving around the rest of the site or engaging with forms and registering contact details.

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