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We have the skillset to bring a project through from planning to delivery, as well as provide post-launch support.

Formulate Processes

Formulate are different to many web development or digital marketing companies in that we do both, working with you to define your concept, before helping you realise that idea and continue to support and optimise it. We get to know your business and your web presence inside out, through a series of processes we consider integral to success. Read more about these processes and what to expect if you entrust your project to our team below.

Requirements Gathering

On our first meeting, we will jointly determine the scope of the project your business requires. This stage combines your ideas and our market knowledge to establish the tailored goals, features, functionality, deadlines and costs suitable to your requirements.


Once we understand what you require from your website, we will provide you with a specification. This entails anything from which platform best suits your needs to how many pages and users your site will function with.


Wireframing is a pre-design process we use to illustrate proposed functionality and layout. It lays out the bare bones of your site. This is the first opportunity for you to get a feel for how your website will work, allowing you to make a better assessment of the functionality and make additional adjustments if necessary.

Front End Build

This stage is all about realising your design as an interactive website, and forms the second stage of client approval after wireframing and design. In essence, this is when we transform the bare bones into a fully fleshed out, aesthetically stylish prototype. Our engineers use HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript in order to do this, prior to integration with your chosen platform.

Back End Integration

Once the ‘front end’ build is complete, our ‘back end’ developers take what's been done and either integrate any management and dynamic functionality or integrate into off the shelf systems.

Content Population and Testing

Depending on the nature of your website, we can populate it with all the desired content from imagery and video to uploading timetables or product lists. This is also the time when the finished product is rigorously tested over a variety of devices and browsers to tease out any final user experience issues.


Your website has been designed, built, populated, tested and is ready for launch. Once we launch, your website is fully live and can start being marketed.


Your website might now outshine your competitors, but it is crucial your audience know that too. Search engine optimisation is always at the forefront during the build and content population process, but together we can establish which marketing package your website requires to maximize its potential. We offer additional SEO practices, paid advertising (PPC) as well as social media and email marketing.


We don’t deliver the concept and wash our hands of it. We provide continual support as and when you may need us. Whether you require analytical reporting or technical support, you can reach the individuals who were there throughout your process without any trouble.

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