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Formulate Branding Services

As well as building you a high-performance website to market your business, our designers and marketers can help you to rebrand your business accordingly. We have done this for start-up businesses and those clients whose branding has become stale or unsuitable over time. It is an ideal way to complement the launch of your fresh, modern business platform.

Logo Design

We start by working with you to identify the personality of your business, and that of your competitors. Our designers then go away and interpret that into a choice of logos which will convey the right message to your customers, using Adobe software.

Clients are given the opportunity to view these options in varying formats to ensure it will be recognisable and impactful as an icon for social media, on your website and in print.

Print Work

Alongside the branding exercises we offer as part of your digital marketing, we team up with several printers to roll out your new or updated brand on business cards, letterheads and brochures.

Brand Guidelines/Style Guidelines

Your brand is about more than a logo. For example, identifying your tone of voice and use of imagery is equally as important when asking a customer to perceive you a certain way. We can help you to establish these aspects of your marketing and ensure they remain consistent over every platform.

This is made easy by providing a document outlining how your logo should be used, when it can be modified and how, and what style of imagery and tone of voice to use in all your marketing communications online.

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