Logo, photography, print artwork.

HTML5 responsive web application using a Wordpress platform.

Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, email marketing.

Analytical reporting.


The 3D Measurement Company operate in a very niche but competitive industry. A cutting edge and modern company, T3DMC aims to appeal to a diverse age range with diverse needs, and their marketing needed to reflect this.

Formulate approached this from several angles, working with Director, Adam Stanley, to first of all concentrate on the company look and feel: logo, brand, stationery and photography.

Once brand guidelines were in place, Formulate then created a fresh, new, responsive Wordpress website, and integrated custom contact forms which feed directly into Google Analytics. This allows us to provide detailed reports on the behaviour of their customers.

Responsive Web Design
Web Design for iPad
Web Design for iPhone

Since launching the site in 2014, The 3D Measurement Company have seen 50% increases in sessions and users.

The Pay Per Click campaign we created and continue to run with them has successfully drawn in almost a quarter of those sessions.

What The Client Thought

Invaluable Support, Whenever You Need It

In a specialist engineering field like ours, those with the most up to date tech will get the business, which is why it’s important that our marketing reflects this. Formulate have been with us from the start, and have nurtured our digital portfolio from a very basic website, to one that works well on mobile, brings in new leads each day, and allows us to have a constant line of communication directly with our target audience.

Adam Stanley, Director - T3DMC

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