HTML5 responsive website using Ruby-on-Rails and a custom-built Content Management System.

An IOS and Android compatible mobile application.

Pay Per Click advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Department For Education

The Education Development Trust offer ways for students to get into teaching . During the 2016 campaign, Formulate worked closely with them to target several key demographics - their digital presence had to appeal to school students, mature students and teachers as well as parents.

With a limited budget, during a limited timeframe, this was achieved using a number of digital marketing strategies, including a bespoke designed website, mobile app and successful AdWords campaign.

Responsive Web Design
Web Design for iPad
Web Design for iPhone

Since launching, Future Teaching Scholars have received almost 10,000 clicks through to the site generated through Pay Per Click advertising.

They have had over 100,000 page views in the first year.

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