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Meet 'Jupiter': The API we built for LiquidityChain, designed to connect pools of liquidity

Over the past few months, there have been a number of exciting advancements announced in relation to the application we are building with TP ICAP - LiquidityChain.

For those who don't know, LiquidityChain is designed to connect the fixed income community and flag potential trading opportunities by anonymously pairing trading interests. At the moment, the application's global network is rapidly strengthening and expanding into new markets thanks to the support of TP ICAP group’s international presence and with this, we have had a taste for growing liquidity and the trading opportunities our network can provide, but we don’t want to stop there.

 Now more than ever, we are working on ways to increase this momentum by providing intelligent connections to new liquidity pools and approved third party add-ons, to improve liquidity and aid user workflows. Meet our new API - Jupiter.


What is Jupiter and what benefit does it bring?

LiquidityChain is designed with ease at the forefront - we understand that as well as freeing up liquidity and highlighting potential trading opportunities, fitting into your current workflow is imperative.

The launch of our ‘Jupiter’ API is the latest feature built with this in mind. In short, Jupiter provides a connection point that allows other applications to communicate directly with LiquidityChain about trading interests, users and more.

For users, this means that Jupiter will allow you to do more than upload trading interests and receive alerts. It will allow other tools within your current workflow to connect directly into the system, allowing you to sit back and let LiquidityChain communicate intelligently with other applications and do most of the work for you, until the point where a potential trading opportunity is flagged.


How does this work in practice?

We have just completed an integration with ICAP’s Frankfurt credit broking desk, which creates a real-time connection between their internal OMS (‘Umbrella’) and LiquidityChain, to maintain current interests within the system without any additional input from traders and brokers.

ISINs flow directly from Frankfurt’s OMS into LiquidityChain, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of our global liquidity network whilst adding as few steps into their workflow as possible.

Guido Reimer, Lead Developer at ICAP Frankfurt, says: “Connecting our OMS to LiquidityChain’s API, Jupiter, was a seamless process that has elevated LiquidityChain from being a very interesting tool for our team, to an absolute no-brainer. The application has already proved its worth in sourcing liquidity, whilst remaining completely unobtrusive.”


Next steps 

Now that Jupiter is in place, there is nothing stopping us connecting to the tools most important to your workflow, to increase liquidity and ensure pairings turn into trades. We are already working on the next integration, and want to hear suggestions from users and other third parties.

Want to ask us more about Jupiter? Contact Richard Smith (richard@formulatedigital.com) to find out more, or contact us via the website.



Why ‘Jupiter’?

Well, LiquidityChain is a mixture of financial markets professionals at TP ICAP and very clever techies at Formulate. Needless to say, we let the techies name this one and let’s just say, it may have something to do with the glorious spaceship that took them back out into space in Netflix’s latest remake of ‘Lost in Space’.


Techie Footnote

For the techie people reading this, here are the core namespaces in Jupiter and the associated methods:

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