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Welcome to the team Thibault

He came to us for an internship, and we simply couldn't bear to let him go, so here's introducing Thibault; the newest member of the Formulate team.

Thibault has just received a master's in computer engineering and smashed it by passing with honours! We're so incredibly proud of him, so we'd thought we'd find out about his journey and how he came to become an integral part of our team. 


Hey Thibault, you moved from France to the UK at the beginning of the year and joined the Formulate team. It wasn't long until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, so it's fair to say it's not been the easiest of starts! 


What would you say were the high and lows of your internship?


The COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK fairly early into my internship, and the office was closed for the foreseeable. In the end I spent 12 of my 17 weeks of internship working from home. Due to the nature of our work, we were very fortunate we could continue working from home. During this time, it was mentally challenging because I am a very sociable person, but my long-term goals helped me to stay positive and carry on.


During the internship, I was able to work alongside the team on a large, complex project, and I completed many intricate web development missions. I was able to fully devote myself to this project; resulting in my contribution to many of the features.


My internship was a valuable learning experience because I had not worked with the Ruby on Rails or React frameworks before. And now, Formulate has offered me a permanent position as a Full Stack Developer, meaning I can continue to learn new skills and explore more of the UK.


Well done for your master's in computer engineering! Tell us a little bit about your education and why you chose to study computer engineering?


In 2015, I passed my French Sciences Baccalauréat with an honourable mention. I specialised in Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, which led me to continue on to University to study Computer Engineering.


Growing up, I was always curious to learn how computers work, and how software, websites and applications are developed. It was this curiosity that drove me to study computer engineering and eventually work in the industry.


I enjoy the planning and problem solving that needs to be considered when creating each feature, and this has continued to motivate me to increase my knowledge within the IT field.


I have just finished 5 (long!) years at University and have obtained a master's degree with honours in Computer Engineering. It was a long, unforgettable adventure.


Which part of your degree did you enjoy the most?


My studies led me to have many international experiences, which have given me the skills to better understand how humans think, and how different countries and cultures work together.


In early 2018, I completed an internship in Canada working as a Developer/Analyst at the "Société de Transport de l'Outaouais", the Outaouais transport company. Then, in 2019, I studied in Boston, USA, at Education First Boston. And finally, I finished my master's degree with an internship at Formulate Digital.


On top of that, I had the opportunity to travel to 12 different countries during my studies which allowed me to learn about other cultures. These international experiences have greatly improved my grasp of different languages. I am fluent in French and English, and I have a good understanding of Spanish as well as the basic words of some other languages.


It sounds like you're always wanting to learn and take in new experiences. What do you think has been your most significant learning since joining Formulate Digital?


My biggest learning since joining Formulate Digital was learning the two main frameworks; React and Ruby on Rails. I had not worked with these frameworks before, and I thank the Formulate Digital team for giving me the opportunity.


Thanks to the knowledge I learned during my studies, I could learn the basics of Ruby on Rails and React quite quickly, and I was able to get involved in some of the more complex projects the Formulate team were working on. I enjoy learning new things and continue to challenge myself.


So, when you're not getting stuck into a new challenge, or you're not busy writing code, what do you like to do in your free time?


I'm passionate about photography and, back in France, I used to help during events. What I like the most about event photography is that I can see a smile on people' faces when I show them the photos I just took of them. Giving them memories and making them happy at that moment makes me happy and gives me a real sense of satisfaction. For me, photography is all about capturing the emotions and bring them out in the photos.


Thank you so much for your time Thibault, and welcome to the team! Finally, what are 3 words you'd use to describe Formulate?


Formulate Digital has a Lean-Agile Mindset, offer an International Environment, and there's always a Team Effort!


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