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Is an App the right thing for your business?

Hand-held mobile devices have changed the way consumers research and engage with your brand.

For many of us, we reach for our phones when a question pops up, or we want to research a new product or service. Because we're so used to having information instantly at our fingertips; a business needs to have a prominent web presence. The advancements in responsive design make it easier than ever to create a website that works smoothly on any hand-held device.


However, there are some UX elements that a website cannot offer, and an app might be just the thing that your business needs to stay ahead of the competition.


We've listed our top five reasons why we think you should consider an app for your business:  




The need for speed and instantaneous access is in high demand, and a well-designed app can perform functions quicker than a mobile website.


When browsing a website, if a consumer can't access what they need within a few seconds they'll be moving on; however, mobile applications built using React Native (like the apps we develop at Formulate Digital) are high-performance and robust.


Another bonus is that React Native framework allows for development on both android and IOS, resulting in writing code once and deploying on to both platforms simultaneously.


Apps also offer the ability to work offline. Depending on the functionality of your app, it is possible to provide basic tools that work without the requirement of an internet connection meaning users can access your app, anytime, anywhere.




Unlike mobile websites, Apps have direct access to your device features without any technical constraints.


Whether it's the in-built camera, location settings or saved payment methods, these features create a simplified and interactive user experience.


Hand-held devices have become so advanced that an app's usage of the built-in features can speed up processes, which will not only encourage conversions but promote continued brand loyalty as well.




First of all, your app will always be visible on your consumer's screen, meaning it'll be at the forefront of their mind. That little icon will be acting like a mini advert drawing users into your app, and reminding them every day about your brand. 


The second advantage, and perhaps one of the most important, is the ease of sending notifications directly to your already captured audience. 


In previous years, the email newsletter was the 'go-to' communication tool; however, app notifications now make it possible to connect with consumers directly, and in a less intrusive manner.


There are two types of notifications; push and in-app.


In-app notifications are the notifications users receive whilst they're using your app, and Push notifications flash up on their screen regardless of what they're currently doing on their device. Push notifications are perfect for a gentle nudge to come back and complete that unfinished purchase, or for offering an enticing discount code.




It's fairly certain that once a user has taken the time to download your app and set up an account, you've secured a loyal consumer.


Apps offer a higher level of personalisation to consumers. You can enhance their user experience by tracking how users interact with the app and monitor their engagement, which will allow you to offer personalised recommendations or send notifications that are specific to them.  


Also, during the set-up of their account, you can let users have control; for example, they could customise the content they want to see, choose between style themes or set a geographical preference.




Not all apps need to be consumer-facing. Bespoke apps specifically designed to fulfil your business needs can be built and distributed through-out for your workforce. 


Whatever your business needs there could be an app that could streamline your workflows, such as a warehouse stock checking to order fulfilment, customer surveys and information records, or creating quotes and invoices whilst you're out on location. Our team at Formulate Digital will be able to discuss your requirements and build you the tools to grow your business.


In conclusion, although it's still vital for a company to have an active mobile web presence (because most people head straight to their favourite search engine to find the answer!), an app can be a valuable extension to your website. As technology develops, there'll be very few barriers to what tasks an app can complete. A well-designed app can provide unique advantages to your business, potentially boost conversions, encourage return customers and streamline workflows. 


If you have a project that you need some support with, no matter how big or small, don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how our team can help you to formulate your future.

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